Truly Healthy Became Ours

HealthinessThree years ago, I became a new mother, and within eight months, learned how much time, energy and research goes into choosing the healthiest foods to feed our precious little ones. Luckily, I was blessed with a generous supply of milk to nourish my chubby cherub boy, so, this time was all about feeding mama so that baby could be well nourished.

At 6 months old, when it was time for experimenting with food, well, as every parent knows, it is just that, experimenting! Art work, playing with textures, colors, exciting new flavor bursts in the mouth for someone who had recently only been accustomed to the flavor of milk. Teething set in shortly after, and to help numb some of the teething pain, we introduced frozen foods such as blueberries and strawberries. Frozen smoothie cubes became a staple in our baby’s diet at that time; in fact, many days, that was the only solid food he would eat. As an herbalist and nutritionist, I was always trying to pack in whatever nutrient dense ingredients that I could, coconut creme, green powders or pureed kale, rose hips, and yet, it always fell short in the protein category (even though, he really didn’t need too much in addition to the breast milk).

Shortly after this frozen food teething journey began, I was introduced to Truly Healthy Clean Protein Powder, and did it ever hit the spot, in more ways than one. The perfect addition to this power packed smoothie cube! Our bodies loved Truly Healthy protein powder and I felt so good feeding it to my baby, not only for the great vitamin and mineral supply, high quality protein, and immune supporting herbal formula, but most especially for the choline and omega 3 content to support his rapidly growing brain! This powder stayed in our family’s diet daily for quite some time, until the moment I heard the sad news that the product would be unavailable for an unknown period of time, as the business was up for sale.

yuba-babyA growing, tingling sensation in my gut pushed me to investigate taking over the business, to keep it in the hands of many folks I knew who cherished this product for the gap that it so completely filled in this niche of a protein powder market. I was lucky to know one of the owners and formulator of Truly Healthy Clean Protein Powder, Victoria LaFont NTP, functional nutritionist. I knew that her high level of research, integrity and standards in all matters pertaining to health could only bring together the most nutrient dense, pure and uniquely satisfying product.

After careful deliberation, planning and a good deal of time and energy, Truly Healthy became ours. We are happy to have it back in our bellies and have been working hard to get it into the hands of dedicated, loving customers of all ages and walks of life. We are even more excited to share this ‘more than a protein powder’ product with many new folks! Stay in touch for exciting new recipes, informative nutritional blogs, special offers and stories from Truly Healthy lovers. Vitality soars on the wings of wholesome, grounding nourishment, smiling hearts and most often, the simple things in life.

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