Busy Life as a Pregnant Mom – Truly Healthy to the Rescue!

Life as a pregnant mom

As I find myself moving through the home stretch of this third trimester, I am also finding some memories returning from my last pregnancy at this stage. At this point in my first pregnancy, I think I may have slept for a minimum of 3 hours during the day, and at least 12 hours each night.

That is certainly not the case today. These days, with a high-energy 3 year old boy, running two fun businesses, loving my healthy marriage, tending a vegetable and medicine garden, and keeping home life vibrant and healthy, life can feel too full. Although this feeling of fullness is often accompanied by feelings of overwhelming gratitude, I have continually been brought to ask a few most essential questions: what are my priorities right now? and, how can I simplify things in my life?

My first steps were to let go of some work and continuing education oriented goals so that I could be more fully present in the other areas of my life. My clinical work as a nutritionist and herbalist has officially been put on hold, leaving more room for the much needed preparation of bringing a new baby into our family. Another way to simplify has been in meal preparation. I love to cook and can certainly spend some quality time in the kitchen, but being so busy makes that quite difficult if not impossible at times. Smoothies with Truly Healthy certainly came to our rescue as part of our daily summer diet. As the weather has shifted, I now pack this protein rich, healing powder into many things during the week, from quick paleo pancakes to muffins, savory oatmeal and the occasional smoothie we still love. Check out our most recent blog for a few of these recipes.

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